North American B-25 Mitchell “Miss Hap”

North American B-25 Mitchell “Miss Hap”

The American Airpower Museum North American B-25 Mitchell “Miss Hap” is the oldest example of the B-25 still in existence. Built in 1940-41 at the North American Aviation plant in Inglewood, CA, now adjacent to where LAX stands today, it was part of the first 24 built for the US Army Air Corps as part of President Roosevelts pre-war build up. One of the first B-25s delivered to the USAAC in February of 1941 at Mchord Field in Washington State, it was assigned to the 17th Bomb Group, 34th Bomb Squadron. It flew with the 17th BG through 1942, and participated in the famed pre-war excercise known as the Louisiana Maneuvers. It would go on to serve as an administrative and training aircraft until 1943 when it was return to the North American Factory in California where it along with its sister ship serial number 40-2165 it was converted into a VIP transport. Our tail 40-2168 would be presented to the USAAF for use as the personal transport for General Henry “Hap” Arnold, Commander of the USAAF during WWII. It would be stationed at Bolling Field from 1943-1944 during this time. After being replaced by a newer B-25J in late 1944 40-2168 would serve at different bases up and down the east coast in an administrative role ultimately being retired from service at the end of WWII. Purchased surplus is was owned by Howard Hughes in the 1950s, various civilian owners through the 1980s until purchased by Jeff Clyman, founder of the well known flight jacket company Avirex Ltd in 1989. It has since been donated to the the American Airpower Museum by Mr.Clyman and has been flying to air shows throughout the country now for over 30 years.

Mission: Medium Bomber

Max Speed: 272 Mph

Range: 1,350 nm

First Flight: 19 August 1940

In service: 1940-1979(Last B-25 type Flown by Indonesian AF)

Length: 52′ 11″

Wingspan: 67′ 7″

Height: 16′ 4″

Max Takeoff Weight: 35,000lbs

Powerplant: 2x Wright R-2600 air cooled Radial Engine 1700hp

Manufacturer: North American Aviation

North American B-25 Mitchell “Miss Hap”

North American B-25 Mitchell “Miss Hap”

September 17, 2021

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